List of authorised plant protection products on 6.6.2023

Plant Protection Products database is unofficial and for information only. At application of plant protection products, follow instrucions for use indicated on the packaging.

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Product name:


Auhorisation summary:

Point of sale:

in specialised shops


Active substance

Content of pure a.s. (%)

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Type of preparation:

granule (GR)

Classification symbol:


Signal word:


Field of use:



Diachem S.p.A.

National agent:


Date of expiry:




PHSVX: Beans (with pods) (Phaseolus vulgaris L.); APUGD: Bleached celery (Apium graveolens var. dulce (Miller) de Candolle); VLLLO: Corn salad (Valerianella locusta (L.) LATERRADE em. BETCKE); FOEVA: Florence fennel (Foeniculum vulgare var. azoricum (Miller)Thellung); 3LETC: Lettuces and salad plants (solatnice); ZEAMX: Maize (grain and silage) (Zea mays L. (partim)); PIBSX: Peas (with pods) (Pisum sativum L.); SOLTU: Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.); GLXMA: Soya (seeds for oil/food) (Glycine max (L.) MERR.); BEAVA: Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L. subsp. vulgaris var. altissima DOELL.); ZEAMS: Sweet corn (Zea mays subsp. saccharata Sturtevant); BRSRR: Turnip, edible (Brassica rapa L.)

Target organism:

MELOME: Cockchafer, common European (Melolontha melolontha (LINNAEUS, 1758)); DIABVI: Colorado corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Le Conte); CHAETI: Flea beetle, Sugarbeet (Chaetocnema tibialis (III., 1807)); ZZYYAZ: others (drugi škodljivi organizmi); ATOMLI: Pygmy mangold beetle (Atomaria linearis STEPH., 1830); HYLESP: translation missing - SI name: cvetna muha (Hylemya sp.); PSILRO: translation missing - SI name: korenjeva muha (Chamaepsila rosae (Fabricius)); BLANGU: translation missing - SI name: pikčasta stonoga (Blaniulus guttulatus (Bosc)); 1CEPG: translation missing - SI name: strige (Centipeda); AGRISP: translation missing - SI name: strune (Agriotes spp.); 1AGROG: translation missing - SI name: talne sovke (Agrotis OCHSENHEIMER, 1816); 1TIPUG: translation missing - SI name: travniški komarji (Tipula); SCUTIM: translation missing - SI name: vrtna stonoga (Scutigerella immaculata (Newport)); CEUTPL: Weevil, cabbage seed (Ceutorhynchus assimilis (PAYK., 1792))

Safety/risk phrases:

EUH401: To avoid risks to human health and the environment, comply with the instructions for use.; H410: Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.; P101: If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.; P270: Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.; P280: Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/ face protection.; P284: Wear respiratory protection.; P391: Collect spillage.; P501: Dispose of contents/container to …; SP 1: Do not contaminate water with the product or its container.; SPe 5: To protect birds/wild mammals the product/treated seed must be entirely incorporated in the soil; ensure that the product is also fully incorporated; SPe 6: To protect birds/wild mammals remove spillages / treated seeds..

Authorised use

Surface water buffer zones

Maximum residue levels (MRL)

Waiting period:

Beans (with pods): PHI insured by time of use, Bleached celery: PHI insured by time of use, Corn salad: PHI insured by time of use, Florence fennel: PHI insured by time of use, Lettuces and salad plants: PHI insured by time of use, Maize (grain and silage): PHI insured by time of use, Peas (with pods): PHI insured by time of use, Potato: PHI insured by time of use, Soya (seeds for oil/food): PHI insured by time of use, Sugar beet: PHI insured by time of use, Sweet corn: PHI insured by time of use, Turnip, edible: PHI insured by time of use


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