List of herbicides 2, restricted for use on public areas (roads and railways excluded) - Date of record: 29.3.2023 9:36:32

For herbicides from this list, the sale of stocks for use in public areas until 31.7.2019 and their use until 1.10.2019 are allowed.

Product name Active substance and content Field of use Authorisation number Expiry date Manufacturer National agent
BANVEL 480 S  dikamba (48%)  HERBICID  U34330-1/22/38 (08.12.2022), U34330-170/13/35 (22.06.2022), U34330-1/21/15 (13.10.2021), U34330-170/13/29 (27.03.2020), U34330-48/19/8 (03.10.2019), U34330-103/18/2 (17.12.2018), U34330-170/13/21 (03.07.2018), U34330-170/13/14 (21.01.2015), U34330-170/13/8 (06.06.2014), U34330-170/13/4 (22.04.2014)  31.12.2024  Syngenta Crop Protection AG  SYNGENTA AGRO D.O.O. 
BOOM EFEKT  glifosat v obliki izopropilamino soli (48,3%)  HERBICID  U34330-35/16/23 (21.03.2022)  15.12.2023  ALBAUGH TKI D.O.O.  ALBAUGH TKI D.O.O. 
TOUCHDOWN SYSTEM 4  glifosat (v obliki amonijeve soli) (36%)  HERBICID  U34330-24/15/35 (04.03.2021)  15.12.2023  Syngenta Crop Protection AG  SYNGENTA AGRO D.O.O.